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Questions asked by travelers

Is this like a dating service?
No! This website has nothing to do with dating or romance, and the entertainment is NOT of a sexual nature. This website lists profiles of individuals who are willing to accompany you through town and show you the various entertainment options available. The companions usually charge a fee for their service.

How will the companion help me?
The entertainment companions listed in this site are very familiar with the entertainment options available in their city or town. They have knowledge of the best places to visit. The companion that you choose will be there to accompany you through town and will show you a fun and entertaining time. Your companion will be a sociable companion who knows how and where to have a good time.

Are the companions employees of this website?
No. This website does not employ or pay the entertainment companions. We simply offer them the chance to list their profiles online on this website. The listings are for free. We have no working relationship with the companions beyond this.

Will I be assigned a companion or do I get to choose?
You get to choose your own companion. You can do this by searching the website and browsing the listings of companions for the city you are interested in. You will then be able to contact the companion directly and work out details one-on-one.

How much does it cost?
There are two fees associated with this companionship service. You will be charged a fixed access fee by the website. This is a one-time fee that allows you to access all the features of the website and contact the companions listed. You will also be charged a fee by the companions themselves. This fee can be hourly or daily and can vary from companion to another. You must also pay for the companion's expenses. This can include the price of admission to any attractions you choose to visit and the price of meals and drinks. The fee decided upon between you and the companion is in no way connected to this website.

What if I don't like my companion when we meet?
In most situations, the companion is paid at the end of the outing. Therefore, if you do not like your companion upon meeting, and choose not to use their service, no fee will be required. You have 30 minutes after meeting the companion in which to cancel and receive a full refund. If you cancel after 30 minutes, you must pay the companion for the time they spent with you based on their hourly rate.

What services does the website provide for me?
This website provides you with the ability to search listings of individuals offering their services as entertainment companions. Each companion's profile will tell you what services that companion is willing to provide and the cost for their services. You can contact the companions through this site after registering.

Questions asked by companions

What is the job of an entertainment companion?
The main job of an entertainment companion is to entertain! You take other people out and show them a great fun time and they pay you for it. For more information, please review our entertainment companion guide.

Who do I work for?
You work directly for the client who hires you as a companion. You are not an employee of

Who qualifies as a companion?
A companion must be a fun and sociable person who is familiar with the entertainment scene in his/her city. For more information, please review our companion registration requirements.

How much should I charge?
The fees that you charge are up to you. We recommend a rate of around $100 per day depending on the activities and requirements. Keep in mind that you are also going out and having fun, and that the client is paying for your expenses, so do not overcharge.

What about my expenses?
Most expenses should be paid by the client hiring you. This should be agreed upon in advance. You should not take advantage of this system, however, and should only charge for reasonable expenses.

How should I be dressed when I meet the client?
You should dress appropriately for the activity planned for that day. Keep in mind that it is always important to have a neat appearance.

What about safety issues?
The safety of the entertainment companions listed on this site is extremely important. All contact information is kept strictly confidential. It is important that you do not include e-mail addresses or phone numbers in their listings as this information is available publicly as part of their profile. All initial contact between client and companion goes through the website with the email address of the companion remaining confidential and being revealed only if the companion chooses to respond. You should always remember to use common sense when speaking with clients and initial meetings should always be in a public place. For more information about safety, please review our safety guidelines.

What if the client and I do not get along well after we meet?
You are able to cancel your service at any time. The client is only required to pay for the time already spent.

How should I be prepared before meeting the client?
When meeting the client, you should have a prepared plan of what you will be doing. This plan will depend on the client’s needs and will be based upon the discussions you had the client before meeting.

How should I behave with the client?
Remember that the client's main purpose is to have fun. Also, remember that different people have different personalities and react in different way. While some people prefer joking and back-slapping, others are more reserved and prefer a more professional relationship. In general, try to treat the client like a friend your are going out with, but do not overdo it. If you find the client uneasy with all the attention, then give them some space. Always use common sense and try to adapt to the needs of the client.

How will I get paid?
You will get paid directly by the clients based on the price you agreed with them before your meeting. Companions are not employees of this website; this website simply offers the companions a way of getting listed so clients can locate their profiles.


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