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City:  New York City
Age:  40
Sex:  M
Rate:  Daily: M-F $30/h Weekends $40/h   Hourly: M-F $200 Weekends $250 per day
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night life, sports & recreation, arts, cuisine & dining

Life Styles
cool, fun, partying, sophisticated, business-oriented

Activities of Interest
nightclubs & bars, theatres and movies, restaurants & pubs, sightseeing, arts & museums, outdoors & sports, seniors activities

Dress Styles
hippie/cool, jeans & t-shirt, casual, business casual, business style, formal

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish

Companion for the Following Cities/Areas
New York City

Details and Services
Would you like to be guided in your native language? Whether in English or Spanish?
I am an English as a second language instructor and Spanish language coach as well as a personal guide.
My background is very broad and somewhat eclectic - the ingredients for a great tour! I have a bachelors degree in sciences, I am an internationally-exhibited artist, have performed as a dancer and musician in several countries, have a financial broker's license and love good food and great wine. Lively and amusing, serious - or a little of both - you are guaranteed both an interesting and a memorable tour of one of the world's greatest and most diverse cities.

You can arrange a tour for 1 or 2 people and up to 80.
I don't offer ready-made packages. My schedule is very flexible and all my tours are custom-made to fit my guest's interests and of course their budget. The itinerary is put together in full consultation with my guests, taking into consideration the type of party, special interests, and time available.

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