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City:  Agoura Hills
Age:  22
Sex:  F
Rate:  Daily: $245-500 USD   Hourly: $45-100 USD

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night life, arts, cuisine & dining

Life Styles
cool, fun, adventurous, partying

Activities of Interest
nightclubs & bars, theatres and movies, restaurants & pubs, sightseeing, arts & museums, outdoors & sports, shopping, seniors activities

Dress Styles

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish

Companion for the Following Cities/Areas
Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Hollywood, Pasadena

Details and Services
My Specialty Areas Include: Film, film, film, music, museums, clubbing/barhopping, shopping, hiking, dining, and ballet.

I am a recent USC cinema graduate who has worked, studied, and played in this city for five years. My passion for film has driven me to become familiar with the cinema festivals, special events, screenings, landmarks, people and theatres in the Los Angeles area. I also frequent the numerous museums my city has to offer. My nightlife is peppered with exclusive bars and clubs in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, and downtown. I spent several years working at Fred Segal and Diesel in Santa Monica and have an appreciation for clothing aesthetics, whether its sneakers, designer, or vintage. I am too familiar with the most obscure fashionstore finds from downtown to Pasadena to Hollywood. Restaurants are also my specialty: from the grungy coffee houses to the most exquisite cuisine, I know the best eateries to suit the mood. I am also rooted in the Los Angeles music scene, anything from hip-hop to opera and the various related venues. I grew up not too far from the city, so I also know great hiking, sightseeing, dining and activity spots along the beachy, foresty, and mountainous peripheral of Los Angeles. Most importantly, I love people. I adapt well to people's characteristics and am eager to bring people who are interested beyond the touristy surface of Los Angeles. There is so much to this city and its outskirts that, with the right entertainment tourguide, can enrichen and enlighten your life. If you want to go to invite-only film screenings and events, just relax with some good conversation, relish in Los Angeles nightlife, do some incredible shopping at the best unknown places, enculturate yourself with museums, gardens, concerts, or shows, or explore beautiful and remote areas, I am definately your girl. Regardless, good luck finding the right companion for you and have a blast here, Jacquelyn.
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