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City:  Venice
Age:  38
Sex:  M
Rate:  Daily: $350.00   Hourly: $38.00
Companion for women only

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night life, arts, cuisine & dining

Life Styles
cool, fun, adventurous, partying, sophisticated

Activities of Interest
theatres and movies, restaurants & pubs, sightseeing, arts & museums, shopping

Dress Styles
jeans & t-shirt, casual

Languages Spoken
English, French, Ukrainian

Companion for the Following Cities/Areas
Los Angeles

Details and Services
I am 6'4.5" 250 lbs. tall, dark, handsome, i am a chef and have been raised to appreciate the finer things in life, I served as an infantry scout in the United States Army for 9 1/2 years so no evening will you ever be not safe. English is my second language, learned at the age of six, Ukrainian being my first language; though I do hold a masters in English Literature with my speciality being English Romantics. I am unencumbered with worries of life because I believe that one has but one life, but I do not take unequatable risks unless forced upon me by unforeseen situation(s). I offer enlightenement, unabashed fun and impecible grooming. I do not suffer concientious fools lightly and expect the service to where I and my friends/companions visit to be the best or better. No evening, day or time is ever to be without intrinsic gain. I welcome the world. There is but one rule I live by: FEALTY WITH LOVE, VALOUR WITH HONOUR, OATHBREAKING WITH VENGEANCE. I am good looking.

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